Even 50 years after his death, Alan Watts’ legacy continues to thrive, influencing a wide range of audiences, from misfits and non-conformists to the top echelons of counterculture.

Known as a “philosophical entertainer,” Watts’ legacy exists in a lane of his own. Considered to be instrumental in demystifying Eastern philosophy for Western audiences, his teachings and distinct voice have found a permanent home within the electronic dance music sphere. 

The voice of Watts, who died on this day in 1973, has become a trusted source for vocal hooks and philosophical reflections. For years, electronic music producers have seamlessly integrated his speeches into their tracks, turning his words into danceable mantras.

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Even today, the appropriation of Watts’ speeches and teachings within the genre continues on, symbolizing his timeless relevance and appeal within the movement. 

Here’s 10 electronic songs that best encapsulate the wisdom of Watts.

INZO – Overthinker

Said The Sky – Everything

Rameses B – Meaning of Life

BLOND:ISH – It Starts Now

Nox Vahn & Marsh – Come Together

quickly, quickly – Getsomerest/sleepwell

smol – Disconnected

Gill Chang – act of FAITH

Tritonal – Born Yesterday (feat. Brigetta)

Akira The Don – Always Hoping

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