Adam Sandler paid tribute to the late Bob Knight this week, following the legendary coach’s passing on Wednesday.

In a brief tweet on Wednesday, Sandler said he would be sending love to Knight’s family, and reflected on the pair acting together in Sandler’s 2003 buddy comedy film Anger Management. Sandler also recalled a moment where his father was sick and Knight called in to check on the man, which the actor says helped lift his father’s spirits.

Knight briefly appeared in cameo role in Anger Management

Knight appeared in a very brief cameo role in Anger Management. In the scene, Sandler’s character arrives at an anger management meeting and finds Knight there. After a bit of back and forth, it’s revealed Knight thought it was a sex addicts meeting, and storms off in a rage. The scene is a reference to Knight’s infamous bouts of anger, as the basketball coach is widely remembered for throwing a chair onto the court during a 1985 game.

Knight passed away on November 1, 2023 in Bloomington, Indiana, at the age of 83.

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