The original series soundtrack of Castlevania: Nocturne, “My Sister,” premiered on October 6, 2023. It was composed by Trevor Morris and Trey Toy. The song has a dark and brooding vibe and is part of a more significant soundtrack from the series.

Lakeshore Records released the original series soundtrack from the sequel of the popular Castlevania series digitally. The song complements the dark and twisted setting of this fantasy animated series quite well. Its ominous and orchestral style is rather compelling.

What did the composers of ‘My Sister’ say about Castlevania Nocturne?

“Working on Nocturne was just a joy. An amazing opportunity to be immersive with the score to suit the amazing look, story, and characters,” Morris said in an exclusive interview with the ANN

“Castlevania: Nocturne elegantly balances its epic setting in a world of vampires and magic with deeply personal character stories.” Toy elaborated on the world setting of Castlevania and told ANN, “We were excited to use the score to highlight this duality, so as much as we leaned on the usual fare of orchestra, drums, choir, and the like, we relied equally on intimate soloist recordings, using an array of experimental playing techniques, to accentuate the emotional core of the show.”

The original series soundtrack is digitally available from Lakeshore Records.

“Just as the narrative spans space, time, and culture, so too did we explore a diverse array of instruments from around the world, from viola da gamba, cristalbaschet, and the human voice, to didgeridoos, koras, and conch shells,” Toy explained how they used a plethora of instruments to incorporate different tunes into the score to reflect the narrative which covered a wide range of topics.

What happens in Castlevania Nocturne?

Castlevania: Nocturne revolves around the new generation of the Belmont Family as they indulge in intriguing vampiric troubles never seen before. This series is basically a sequel to Netflix’s popular animated series,  Castlevania, which was based on a massively successful game franchise.

The sequel traces around the backdrop of the French Revolution. They addressed a plethora of intricate themes like the segregation of wealth and power dynamics. These issues are preserved in the Castlevania society by authorities of characters whose ideologies are responsible for the articulation of the entire ordeal.

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