Prime Video has finally released the official Merry Little Batman trailer for its upcoming DC holiday animated movie, featuring Damian Wayne suiting up as the Dark Knight to save Christmas from Joker. It is scheduled to make its debut on December 8.

The video opens with Batman maintaining Gotham as a crime-free city for the holidays. It highlights the father-and-son duo of Bruce Wayne and Damian Wayne, who received his very first utility belt as a Christmas Gift. However, their holiday plans don’t go as planned, when Batman has to leave Damian for a special Justice League mission. While Batman is away, the Joker uses this opportunity to steal Christmas from Gotham.

Check out the Merry Little Batman trailer (watch more trailers):

What to expect in Merry Little Batman?

“It is an animated family action comedy destined to join the rogue’s gallery of classic holiday movies,” reads the synopsis. “When young Damian Wayne finds himself alone in Wayne Manor on Christmas Eve, he must transform into “Little Batman” in order to defend his home and Gotham City from the crooks and supervillains intent on destroying the holidays.”

Merry Little Batman is directed by Mike Roth from a screenplay co-written by Teen Titans Go!’s Morgan Evans and Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham’s Jase Ricci. The special will feature the voices of Yonas Kibreab, Luke Wilson, James Cromwell, and David Hornsby. The voice recording sessions were completed prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike. It also executive produced by Ricci and Sam Register.

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