My Dearest Part 2 aired the finale (episode 21) on Saturday, November 18, 2023, on MBC. Starring Namkoong Min and Ahn Eun-Jin, the final episode was intense and emotional. Lee Jang-Hyun (Namkoong Min) and Yoo Gil-Chae (Eun-Jin) share a cozy moment at the beginning of My Dearest Part 2 episode 21. However, their happiness stops when King Injo orders Jang Cheol to arrest rebels and their leader. 

A tense atmosphere takes over the finale after Jang-Hyun’s real identity is revealed. It leads to bloodshed, separation, and tears, but the ending is satisfactory. As such, despite having an emotional presence, My Dearest Part 2 has a happy ending.

Namkoong Min’s My Dearest Part 2: Lee Jang-Hyun’s true identity is revealed

My Dearest Part 2 begins with a man approaching a much older Ryang-Eum in prison and asking about Lee Jang-Hyun. Ryang-Eum says that he will tell the story of Jang-Hyun only if the man tells him what happened to Jang-Hyun.

The episode then goes back to the time Jang-Hyun (Namkoong Min) and Ahn Eun-Jin’s Gil-Chae were together. They dream of their future together as husband and wife. Meanwhile, King Injo pressures scholar Jang Cheol into framing innocents as traitors. The latter ordered his student Nam Yeon-Joon to find the rebels’ leader, who happens to be Jang-Hyun. 

At the same time, the true identity storyline of Namkoong Min’s character takes center stage in the My Dearest Part 2 finale. When Jang-Hyun meets Jang Cheol, the former reveals that he is the scholar’s long-lost/dead son. He also says that he intentionally went missing because he resented Jang Choel after he killed his daughter’s lover. Following this, Jang-Hyun requests his father not to arrest or frame his people as traitors, but Jang Cheol does the opposite and even orders Yeon-Joon to kill Jang-Hyun. 

My Dearest Part 2 ending: Is Lee Jang-Hyun alive?

Gil-Chae takes Jang-Hyun’s people to safety while Namkoong Min’s character prepares to fight Yeon-Joon and an army of scared slaves. Yeon-Joon tries to stop the slaves and save Jang-Hyun, but the latter drops on the ground. Although his body was not found, Yeon-Joon tells the king and Jang Choel that Jang-Hyun and his people are dead. Years later, King Injo and Jang Choel commit suicide, and Yeon-Joon tries to do the same, but his wife saves him. At that time, he tells Gil-Chae about Jang-Hyun, and she discovers he is alive.

In the concluding moments of My Dearest Part 2, she finds Jang-Hyun, who lost memory but remembers some moments he spent with her. They reunite at a house he built the way she once described. The finale has a happy ending, with the lead characters finding their way back to each other.

Viewers can watch all the episodes of My Dearest Part 2 on Viki.

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