Toei Animation anime shows have a separate fanbase of their own. They feature thematic representations ranging from action and adventure to horror and romance. Here is a list of five anime TV shows made at Toei Animation for the otakus to binge-watch!

One Piece

One of the longest-running Toei Animation anime shows is One Piece (1999-currently airing), which has over a thousand episodes. It has action, fantasy, and adventure, all in the right amount. It features the spirited Monkey D. Luffy, who, surviving a treacherous whirlpool at sea, finds himself on a ship that dangerous pirates target. Despite his youthful appearance, Luffy is a resilient pirate with fantastic combat skills. Moreover, he is driven by the quest for the Legendary One Piece treasure and the revered title of King of the Pirates. 

Unfortunately, Luffy lacks a crew and a proper ship, but he manages to rely on his superhuman abilities and indomitable spirit. Altogether, this makes him powerful and inspirational. He faces challenges with an unwavering smile and sails on an adventurous journey filled with unpredictable dangers.

Dragon Ball

Quite inevitable on this list is Dragon Ball (1986-1989) which has 153 episodes overall. With the perfect amalgamation of action, adventure, and fantasy, this TV series continues to receive a lot of love from the otakus. It features Goku Son, who, in the heart of the woods, encounters Bulma in search of magical Dragon Balls. Bulma aims to collect all seven Balls for a wish, and Goku possesses one of them. Reluctant to part with it, Goku strikes a deal to join Bulma’s journey. 

Along the way, they meet Muten-Roshi and Kuririn, training for the World Martial Arts Tournament. Moreover, the quest takes a serious turn as they confront those seeking to exploit the Dragon Balls’ potent power. And, they use their strength to protect as well as aid others.

Dragon Ball Z

One of the oldest, Dragon Ball Z (1989-1996) is also one of the most famous TV shows at Toei Animation. With 291 episodes in total, this adventurous series is a treat for martial arts lovers. It takes the viewers five peaceful years after Goku’s World Martial Arts triumph. In the series, he faces a sudden twist with Raditz, who is an enigmatic enemy claiming to be his long-lost brother. Raditz unveils Goku’s Super Saiyan heritage and the planet’s demise and discloses his original mission to be the task of conquering Earth. 

Surprisingly, Goku suffers amnesia and turns into a protector instead. But, Raditz’s failed recruitment warns of a worldly threat. Hence, Earth braces for a battle over the mystical Dragon Balls, signaling a clash of titans in the show. 

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon (1992-1993) is a romance TV show and has a lot of mythological aspects in it. With 46 episodes in total, its narrative revolves around Usagi Tsukino. She is an average student with an inclination to be clumsy. She goes on to experience a life-changing twist when she rescues a cat named Luna. Luna reveals Usagi’s destiny as Sailor Moon, which comes with the responsibility of being a guardian with powers to protect Earth. 

Additionally, she is endowed with a special brooch and is required to transform to battle monsters sent by the evil Queen Beryl. While she fights villains, she faces the tasks of locating the lost Moon Kingdom princess and unites with other sailor guardians. Finally, together they take up the task to find the Legendary Silver Crystal to avert planetary doom. 


The last on this list is the movie Mononoke (2007) which has heavy psychological and supernatural themes. Set in Japan, this horror TV show has 12 episodes in total. In the country, the deadly Medicine Seller travels to vanquish evil spirits known as “Mononoke”. Instead of simply slaying them, the protagonist undertakes a perilous journey that involves intense psychological analysis. Also, he puts in a lot of investigative work to get to the bottom of each mysterious element in the show. 

 Furthermore, the Medicine Seller remains armed with his Exorcism Sword and commences an investigation to unveil the form, truth, and reason of the spirits before they can cause any further harm. 

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