A new clip from Michael Mann’s Ferrari teases major tension between Adam Driver and Penélope Cruz.

Neon posted a new clip from Ferrari, which opens in United States theaters later this month. The clip sees Driver and Cruz’s characters having an intense argument regarding the death of their son, Alfredo “Dino” Ferrari.

Watch the Ferrari clip below (watch more videos):

What is Ferrari about?

“It is the summer of 1957,” the official synopsis reads. “Behind the spectacle of Formula 1, ex-racer Enzo Ferrari is in crisis. Bankruptcy threatens the factory he and his wife, Laura built from nothing ten years earlier. Their volatile marriage has been battered by the loss of their son, Dino a year earlier. Ferrari struggles to acknowledge his son Piero with Lina Lardi. Meanwhile, his drivers’ passion to win pushes them to the edge as they launch into the treacherous 1,000-mile race across Italy, the Mille Miglia.”

Driver plays Enzo Ferrari in the movie, while Cruz plays his wife Laura. The movie also stars Shailene Woodley as Lina Lardi, Sarah Gadon as Linda Christian, Gabriel Leone as Alfonso de Portago, Jack O’Connell as Peter Collins, Patrick Dempsey as Piero Trauffi, and Ben Collins as Stirling Moss.

Based on Brock Yates’ 1991 Enzo Ferrari: The Man, the Cars, the Races, the Machine biography, Ferrari’s screenplay was written by Troy Kennedy Martin. Martin previously worked on the screenplays for 1969’s The Italian Job and 1970’s Kelly’s Heroes. Mann is known for directing 1986’s Manhunter, 1992’s The Last of the Mohicans, 1995’s Heat, 2004’s Collateral, 2006’s Miami Vice, and more.

Producers include Mann, P.J. van Sandwijk, Marie Savare, John Lesher, Thomas Hayslip, John Friedberg, Laura Rister, Andrea Iervolino, Monika Bacardi, Gareth West, Lars Sylvest, and Thorsten Schumacher.

Ferrari hits United States theaters on December 25, 2023, from Neon.

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