Frank Ocean dropped a one-minute teaser of new music on his Instagram story. He did not offer further information about the song, and Pitchfork has reached out to his representative for more information. It’s a small bit of new music that nonetheless marks the most substantial release by Ocean in recent years. Check it out here.

In recent weeks, Ocean has become more active on Instagram. He hasn’t released a new song since April 2020 when he put out “Cayendo” and “Dear April.” A planned single for the end of that year was scrapped.

Ocean memorably headlined the first weekend of Coachella back in April. He didn’t perform new songs during the set, which began late and was cut short due to curfew. There was a social media outcry when the set didn’t stream on Coachella’s official YouTube broadcast; many watched from home via fans’ DIY livestreams. Rumors swirled in the following days about scrapped elaborate plans that didn’t come to fruition. During the set, Ocean hinted that a new album was coming, but “not right now.” His weekend-two performance was canceled; his team said he had sustained an ankle injury before the divisive first performance.

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