Music from the Detroit house label FXHE, run by DJ and producer Omar S, has disappeared from digital streaming platforms. One example of an album that’s no longer available is Détwat, the May 2023 album from the Detroit trio HiTech. John FM also had at least two songs made in collaboration with Omar S removed: “Hear Me Out” and “Second Life.” The Omar S song “What’s Good for the Goose,” featuring Supercoolwicked, has also been taken down.

In a statement to Pitchfork, HiTech said, “We will be re-releasing [2022 album] HiTech and DÉTWAT through another distributor, as well as new music very soon.”

On X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, John FM wrote: “It’s come to my attention that Omar S has removed all music featuring me on the FXHE label from streaming platforms. Honestly? Wouldn’t have it any other way. Love yall, be safe and stick up for yourself.”

One commonality between HiTech and John FM is that both artists publicly commented on an alleged altercation involving Omar S at the local record store and bar Paramita Sound. On Sunday (November 5), Detroit artist Supercoolwicked shared a post on social media claiming that, after she confronted Omar S and asked for owed royalties, Omar S yelled at her and “physically assault[ed]” her by smashing a bottle over her head and pulling her hair. In statements both on social media and through his lawyer, Omar S has denied Supercoolwicked’s telling of events.

“Aye look. Beating up on women is not what we stand on,” HiTech wrote on Instagram on Monday. “We hope and pray that Supercoolwicked gets the support that she needs to heal from this traumatic situation and we ask that everyone puts they energy into that.” In addition, in their post’s caption, HiTech wrote, “With No Plans of working with him in the future. Appreciative to everything hes done for us but we will move forward with this stance on this shit. Period!”

John FM posted an initial statement on Sunday distancing himself from Omar S. “I’ve become aware of the incident that ensued last night, and I’m vehemently against any and all violence against women; full stop. I want to be clear that I do not stand with any abusers or align with abusive mentalities. I make music to empower people of all backgrounds, but especially those of marginalized communities. That being said, I can no longer create new work(s) with FXHE or Omar S, as said incident has shed light on behaviors that I don’t align with.”

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