LaKeith Stanfield is a rising Hollywood star thanks to his work in films like Get Out, Straight Outta Compton, and Judas and the Black Messiah as well as his recently released television series, The Changeling. But can fans follow him on social media platforms such as Instagram, X (formerly known as Twitter), Facebook, and TikTok?

Here’s all you need to know.

Is LaKeith Stanfield on Instagram?

Yes, LaKeith Stanfield is on Instagram. You can follow him @lakeithstanfield3.

Stanfield has 1.2 million followers on Instagram as of this writing. His posts on the social media platform, seem to indicate that he is an avid photographer, as a majority of his feed posts are about various photo subjects he has captured. Those photos are mostly in black-and-white.

Is LaKeith Stanfield on X, formerly known as Twitter?

Yes, LaKeith Stanfield is on X (Twitter). You can follow him @lakeithlakeith.

Stanfield has 96.2 K followers on the social media platform as of this writing. On Twitter, he puts up questions asking fans what he should rap about and also his thoughts. Stanfield also puts up pictures related to photoshoots he has taken part in and pictures about songs he has listened to on his phone.

Is LaKeith Stanfield on Facebook?

Yes, LaKeith Stanfield is on Facebook. You can follow him here.

On Facebook, Stanfield posts videos and pictures related to his everyday life and the films he has worked on and also pictures related to his favorite music and music artists.

Is LaKeith Stanfield on TikTok?

Yes, LaKeith Stanfield is on TikTok. You can follow him @lakeithstanfield3.

As of this writing, LaKeith Stanfield has 140.2 K followers on the video-sharing site. Also, there are only three reels he has posted on TikTok. They are clips of his audition tapes for three films, the upcoming Bob Marley biopic that will star Kingsley Ben-Adir, the American Death Note film based on the anime of the same name, and the critically panned 2019 film Cats.

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