Hollywood Trailblazer: The Debra Hill Story, the Jamie Lee Curtis-produced documentary about the late writer/producer, will begin production with Causeway Pictures.

Queen of the Hill

The documentary is set to be directed by Irish filmmakers Jim McMorrow and Margaret McGoldrick, and it will tell the story of Hill, who wrote and produced many films with John Carpenter including Halloween and The Fog, as well as other movies such as Adventures in Babysitting, The Fisher King, and The Dead Zone.

There are appearances by Jamie Lee Curtis, John Carpenter, Stacey Sher, David Gordon Green, Terry Gilliam, Lynda Obst, Kim Gottlieb-Walker, Andrea Berloff, Alan Jones, Kim Newman, and more in the documentary.

Those involved with the film have said the documentary aims to shine a light on the prolific filmmaker, often dubbed “the godmother of indie filmmaking,” who was responsible for giving many in Hollywood today their first break.

“The story of Debra Hill is a multi-faceted one. She was, and still is, an inspiration to filmmakers across the globe, and her legacy as a formidable, creative producer, mentor, trailblazer, and pioneer in cinema and environmental activism is an eternally relevant story,” Director Jim McMorrow said. ”It is a privilege to bring this to the screen for all of us that she shaped through her life and work.”

The story was first reported by Deadline.

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