Brockhampton founder Kevin Abstract has announced the new album Blanket. It’s out November 3 via Video Store and RCA Records. His follow-up to the 2019 album Arizona Baby features the title track, which arrived with the below self-directed video last week. Check it out, along with a preview of “Gum” and the Blanket cover artwork, below.

Abstract made Blanket with producer Romil Hemnani and multi-instrumentalist Jonah Abraham. “I wanted to make, like, a Sunny Day Real Estate, Nirvana, Modest Mouse type of record,” Abstract explained in a press release. “But I wanted it to hit like a rap album.”

Last year, Brockhampton announced an indefinite hiatus that began after a Coachella performance and the release of the albums The Family and TM. The former album, while featuring contributions from Brockhampton members Bearface and Romil Hemnani, was functionally a Kevin Abstract solo album. TM, meanwhile, was a more traditional Brockhampton album with substantive contributions from the group’s rappers, singers, and producers.

Since Arizona Baby, Abstract has released the singles “Slugger” and “Sierra Nights.” As for other Brockhampton members and their solo endeavors, Merlyn Wood recently released an EP called Dirty Thunder, and Dom McLennon shared “Sweep” in September.

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