Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has teased that the X-Men may make their long-awaited debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of The Marvels, Feige spoke about how excited he is to bring the X-Men to the MCU. After mentioning the premiere of the animated series X-Men ’97 next year, he teased that a live-action debut may happen soon.

“It’s super exciting,” Feige stated. “The X-Men are as solid and rich and great a concept in characters that exist. [We’re doing] the return of the animated series next year, which we’re very excited about. I saw some new, final episodes today, which really bring you back to that core of who the X-Men are and that soap opera that those characters represent. In live-action, people will see. Perhaps soon.”

Though the X-Men as a group haven’t been introduced yet, last year’s Disney+ series Ms. Marvel did end with the revelation that Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel is a mutant. This moment, which was followed by a snippet of the iconic ’90s X-Men animated series theme song, seems to be laying some groundwork for the introduction of the iconic mutant team to the MCU.

What is X-Men ’97 about?

The official synopsis for X-Men ‘97 reads: “Storm and Wolverine try to continue the X-Men. Magneto comes in and wants to step up for Charles Xavier. Sinister comes in to try to end the X-Men once and for all.”

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