Matoma’s passion for the art of dance music shines through in spades on Love For The Beat, his first album in five years.

Matoma has once again captured the spirit of euphoric dance music, albeit in an evolved fashion. The album’s lead single appropriately redefined recent expectations of the chart-topping producer, who tailors his essence towards crafting an infectious flavor of melodic tech house in “Sodium Sky.”

Love For The Beat broadly marks a return to Matoma’s club-inspired roots. The album additionally features major collaborations with fellow superstars such as Armin van Buuren and vocalists the likes of James Droll and Teddy Swims. 

From the future house-inspired leanings of “Break My Own Heart” to the minimalistic stylings of “Work It Out,” Matoma’s characteristically positive outlook is evident throughout the album.

“I grew up listening to house music and finding elements in trance and techno very fulfilling,” he wrote on social media. “I wanted to blend those beats with my love for today’s sounds and music directions. This album is also my first album as an independent artist and I’m really proud of my team and the people that have worked on this project day and night to make it happen.”

Listen to Love For The Beat below and find the album on streaming platforms here.

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