The Microsoft Rewards app may be closed next month after the company suggested they were moving everything to the Rewards hub on Xbox consoles. The Rewards app has seemingly been wound down over the last couple of months. This likely in anticipation of the move to the hub that was introduced to consoles earlier this year.

Microsoft Rewards app offers will possibly stop in December

Microsoft will no longer publish offers in the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox starting next month. That’s according to a message that appeared on the console of Twitter user @GustavoOsiro1. While the player has since restricted his account so the Tweet is no longer viewable to the public, he did tell renowned Xbox insider Idle Sloth that the message wasn’t fake.

The message explains how the new Rewards hub makes the separate app redundant, so all activities will be transferred to the hub starting in December. We translated the above message via Google Translate and it reads:

We created, simplified, and integrated the Rewards experience on Xbox, making it all about the gameplay and activities players love most.

With the new Rewards hub on Xbox, players will no longer need separate apps to earn or redeem Rewards points on Xbox. Starting in December 2023, we will no longer publish offers in the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox, focusing new activities on the new Rewards hub. Basically, this change is intended to simplify and streamline the Rewards experience for players and help them access all Xbox-related offers and activities in one convenient place. The weekly series continues until the end of November and, after that, it will be deactivated in the application, along with the weekly sequence.

Rewards with Xbox will remain part of the Microsoft Rewards program, and any points you earn on Xbox will continue to be associated with points from other parts of the program.

It’s worth mentioning that the message has not appeared on my Xbox here in the UK, so take this news with a pinch of salt now. We’ll update this article if Microsoft confirms this information.

However, Microsoft has been reducing the opportunities to earn Rewards points over the last couple of months. This includes removing offers that once allowed players to earn Rewards points, such as the monthly sets and Xbox Treasure cards. Other tasks, such as earning an achievement in an Xbox Game Pass game, have seen their points value reduced significantly.

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