The My Hero Academia Chapter 407 release date and time has been revealed. Taking place in a world where a majority of its population has superpowers, the manga tells the story of how the young boy Izuku Midoriya born with no powers becomes the world’s number 1 Superhero. Now with the battle against All for One intensifying, many fans wish to know when Chapter 407 would arrive. So, here’s the release date, time, and all other information about MHA’s next chapter.

When is the My Hero Academia Chapter 407 release date & time?

My Hero Academia Chapter 407 release date is expected to be on Sunday, November 19, 2023, as the manga is not going on a break.

My Hero Academia Chapter 407 release time in the US based on past release patterns is:

  • 8 AM PT
  • 10 AM CT
  • 11 AM ET

Meanwhile, it should arrive in Japan on Monday, November 20 at 12 AM JST.

Where to read the My Hero Academia manga?

Fans can read My Hero Academia Chapter 407 digitally on Viz Media’s official website, Shueisha’s MangaPlus website, and the Shonen Jump+ app.

With Shonen Jump, you’d be able to read Chapters 405 & 406 as well. But for the rest of the manga, you could opt for a subscription that costs $2.99 a month and gets charged after a 7-day free trial. Being a subscriber, you’d also get access to Shonen Jump’s entire catalog of over 15,000 manga chapters that include One Piece, One-Punch Man, JJK, and several others.

My Hero Academia Chapter 407 Release Date

In MHA’s previous Chapter 406 titled “Understand Your Quirk,” Bakugo continues to astonish All For One and the readers. The state of a devastated battleground is showcased along with what other characters have been up to.

But the focus once again shifts to Bakugo’s efforts in saving All Might and battling All For One. As the title suggests, Bakugo understands the true potential of his quirk and increases his speed. He not only stuns All For One, but the likes of All Might and Edgeshot as well. Meanwhile, readers also get an update on Midoriya and Shigaraki’s brutal battle. Now, it’ll be interesting to see how these fights will continue in Chapter 407.

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