Amazon Prime Video‘s new TV and movie releases for October 9-15 include Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, Nicolas Cage’s Renfield, and The Burial.

Starting on October 9, viewers can stream Teen Titans Go! To The Movies. This animated superhero comedy film is based on the Teen Titans Go! animated series and takes place during the fifth season of the show. The plot follows the Teen Titans, who attempt to have a movie made about them while dealing with their archnemesis Slade, who had been making Hollywood blockbusters about various DC superheroes such as Batman and Superman in the guise of a Hollywood film director.

Then on October 10, viewers can stream Renfield, an action comedy-horror film that is based on characters from 1897’s Dracula book by Bram Stoker and primarily follows Renfield (Nicholas Hoult), Dracula’s (Nicolas Cage) deranged and fanatically devoted servant who grows weary of his master and his abusive nature after 90 years of service and finds a new lease in life and possibly redemption when he falls in love with an aggressive traffic cop.

Finally, on October 13, viewers can watch The Burial. A legal drama film that stars Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones and tells the true story of personal injury lawyer Willie .E. Gary, who helps his client Jerry O’Keefe sue a large funeral home company Loewen Group, over a contractual dispute.

Other releases for Amazon Prime Video during the week of October 9-15 include Missing Link, Mr. Dressup: The Magic of Make-Believe, Awareness, The Greatest Show Never Made, Blended, Everybody Loves Diamonds Season 1, and One On One Seasons 1 to 5.

New Amazon Prime Video releases for October 9-15

Below are all the new TV shows and movies being added to Amazon Prime Video from October 9-15.

October 9

  • Missing Link
  • Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

October 10

  • Mr. Dressup: The Magic of Make-Believe
  • Renfield (2023)
  • Copshop

October 11

  • Awareness
  • The Greatest Show Never Made

October 12

  • Thursday Night Football #2
  • Blended

October 13

  • Everybody Loves Diamonds Season 1
  • The Burial

October 15

  • Half + Half S1-S4
  • One On One S1-S5

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