ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive The Dirty South clip from the Willa Holland-led crime action drama. The film is now playing in theaters and is available digitally and through video-on-demand.

“Sue Parker (Willa Holland) finds herself in a desperate battle to save her family’s struggling business, which is on the brink of collapse due to her father’s neglect,” reads the film’s official synopsis. “When a handsome drifter (Shane West) comes into town she sees him as the only chance to prevent their bar from falling into the hands of a ruthless local tycoon (Dermot Mulroney). What starts as a simple plan to save her family, quickly spirals into larceny, lawlessness and deadly consequences.”

You can check out the exclusive The Dirty South clip below (watch more trailers):

Who directed The Dirty South?

The Dirty South was written and directed by Matthew Yerby. It stars Willa Holland, Shane West, and Dermot Mulroney and is distributed by Cineverse. The film has a runtime of 107 minutes, or one hour and 47 minutes.

You can also view the exclusive The Dirty South clip on YouTube below:

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