To all my dear Sonic friends and family,

It utterly bereaves me to pass on the news that I have been advised by my medical team here in the UK to cancel my upcoming USA book tour. For years I have been dealing with a longstanding health condition, though it has never seriously stopped me from touring and recording. Regardless it’s always been an underlying issue and as I reach my mid-60s this year it has become rather, and consistently, debilitating. After a recent consultation, my doctors have strongly advised against me flying anywhere under any circumstance until they get it all sorted out.

This news is utterly distressing as the publication of my memoir, Sonic Life, after the last few years of intense writing and editing, means so much to me. I’ve been looking forward to talking about the book at all the events which had been organized in the weeks ahead. Especially as so many event organizers and booksellers have been so supportive in preparing for the shows. I’ll mostly miss being able to share with everyone who purchased tickets to exchange all manner of Sonic Youth storytelling and arcana.

I’ve been reassured that refunds will be issued to every ticket holder. Fingers firmly crossed I have a chance to make it up to you when I’m cleared for travel again. As it is I am grateful to have such an awesome support system of love and attention at this moment. And to know how much love, respect, and appreciation we all share.

For now, sending good energy, peace and love.


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