The National have shared a new video for the Phoebe Bridgers–featuring title track of their recent album Laugh Track. Bob’s Burgers Movie director Bernard Derriman made the animated short, in which a couple wearily assesses its circumstances while being swallowed up by a deluge of smiley blob creatures. Watch it below.

In press materials, Matt Berninger says of Bridgers’ contribution, “Her voice is the soft edge of the song. It takes some of the snarky, sarcastic bitterness out of it and makes it sweet and gentle.” The pair also duetted on “Your Mind Is Not Your Friend” from the National’s other album from this year, First Two Pages of Frankenstein.

The National have a long history with Bob’s Burgers, starting with their 2012 cover of the series’ Thanksgiving song. They have since featured on its soundtrack album, appeared as animated characters, performed at a live event, and covered more of its Thanksgiving songs.

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