It’s Arsenal vs Burnley today, and fans are excited to stream this Premier League encounter. Anticipation is high as Arsenal aims to leverage their home advantage and continue their strong form, while Burnley is expected to put up a resilient fight. The match is set to be a tactical display, with both teams striving to assert their presence in the league.

Here’s all you need to know about how to watch Arsenal vs Burnley today.

Where to watch Arsenal vs Burnley today via streaming

You can watch the Arsenal vs Burnley match today via streaming services available in the US such as NBC Sports and Peacock. Unfortunately, there is no UK broadcaster listed for this game. The UK kick-off time for the match is at 3 pm GMT.

How to watch via streaming

In the UK, the match between Manchester United and Luton Town will not be broadcast live on television or streaming platforms due to restrictions that ban the live airing of football from 2:45 pm to 5:15 pm on Saturdays.

Typically, Premier League matches can be viewed with a Sky Sports subscription, costing £25 per month, with the option to stream on Sky Go. Sky Go Extra, for an additional £5 per month, allows streaming on an extra device. However, for this particular game, fans in the UK will need to look for alternative viewing options after the blackout period or follow live updates.

Sky Go is available for all Sky subscribers, though Premier League football will only be able to watch on the app if you have the Sky Sports package. You can download the app right here.

How to watch on TV

The Arsenal vs Burnley game is not available for live television in the UK, which excludes viewing on familiar broadcasters such as Sky Sports, TNT Sports (previously BT Sport), or Amazon Prime Video. UK supporters will have to find other ways to watch the match, like going to public places that might show international sports channels or utilizing a legal streaming service that holds the broadcasting rights for the fixture.

Can you watch Arsenal vs Burnley for free via live stream?

Due to the 3 pm U.K. football blackout, the Arsenal vs Burnley match is also unavailable to watch via TV.

Arsenal vs Burnley Prediction: Who will win?

Arsenal is predicted to dominate Burnley, with forecasts and expert evaluations leaning towards a home victory. Burnley could pose a significant challenge at Arsenal’s ground, yet Arsenal’s robust form points to them having the upper hand in this encounter. The contest is anticipated to be competitive, with chances of goals from both sides, but Arsenal’s superior offensive and defensive statistics bestow upon them the advantage.

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