When it comes to Invincible and Omni-Man, fans have often wondered which one of them was stronger than the other and would win in a fight. Here are both your questions answered.

Is Invincible stronger than Omni-Man?

In the earlier portions of Invincible’s story, Invincible is without a doubt weaker than Omni-Man. However, by the time the story comes to a close, Invincible grows significantly strong enough to pressure Omni-Man but is ultimately still less powerful.

When the story starts, Invincible has only just received his powers and is still learning the ropes of becoming a hero, particularly from his father, Omni-Man. As such, due to his lack of experience compared to Omni-Man’s vast experience of having battled foes of all kinds throughout his superhero career, Invincible was easily defeated by his father in their first-ever fight to prevent Omni-Man from taking over Earth for Viltrum.

Moreover, it should be noted that Omni-Man was holding back considerably during their fight and was not really trying to hurt Mark, who was giving his all, which wasn’t enough to hurt Omni-Man.

Even as the story slightly progressed, Mark was still nowhere near as powerful as his father, even though he had improved since their fight and trained considerably. This was evidenced during the Viltrumite War where Mark was easily dispatched and left in a coma by opponents while Omni-Man still stood standing.

However, by the time the story came to a close, Invincible’s strength and experience grew stronger to the point where he pressured his father in a friendly arm-wrestling match, which unfortunately ended with Omni-Man’s victory.

However, it is possible that Invincible let Omni-Man win as he did not want to make his father look weak in front of one of his subordinates, Anissa, who was approaching their living quarters, ultimately making it possible that Invincible finally surpassed his father.

Can Invincible kill Omni-Man?

In the earlier portions of the story, Invincible could not kill Omni-Man, even if he tried hard. However, by the end of the comics, he surpassed his father and became capable enough to kill him, evidenced by how he eventually managed to kill Thragg, who was considerably stronger than Omni-Man.

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