New York rapper Wiki and producer Tony Seltzer are releasing the collaborative album 14K Figaro on November 10 via Wikset Enterprise. Along with the recent single “Numb,” the album includes the new song “That Aint Pat.” Listen to the latter track below.

Guests on 14K Figaro include Bruiser Brigade’s Zelooperz, Queens’ Remy Banks, and Washington, D.C., rapper WiFiGawd. The album follows Wiki’s recent project with MIKE and the Alchemist, Faith Is a Rock, as well as Tony Seltzer’s Hey Tony.

Tony Seltzer worked with Wiki on 2017’s No Mountains in Manhattan and 2019’s Oofie. Seltzer has also worked with the 14K Figaro guests, co-producing Zelooperz’s Van Gogh’s Left Ear song “Remote Island” and teaming up with WiFiGawd for Heat Check and Heat Check, Vol. 2.

Revisit “Live From Wiki’s New York, With Love” on the Pitch.

14K Figaro:

01 Triple Figaro
02 Turkish Gold
03 RL [ft. WiFiGawd]
04 Purity
05 Scenic Route [ft. Remy Banks]
06 Numb
07 Fried Ice Cream [ft. Zelooperz]
08 Lilypad
09 That Aint Pat
10 Bubba
11 Golden Child
12 The Enterprise
13 Weed Song
14 New Religion

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