After running for a decade, this massively successful dark shōnen has finally come to an end. Attack on Titan first aired in 2013, and with some bombastic sequences, the story ended in November 2023. The main motive of the protagonist was that he wanted some way to end all wars. Eren concluded that it was necessary to kill off everyone outside of Paradis Island to maintain peace in the world. However, the finale delved further into Eren’s plan and what would come after that genocide. 

Will Attack on Titan have a sequel?

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Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 2 starts right from the battle between the remaining soldiers of humanity and Eren’s vast army of Colossal Titans. The finale was entirely symbolic as it was revealed that the ending he foresaw was a bleak one. In order to end all conflicts, he had to wage the biggest war humanity has ever seen.

The post-credit sequence of the Attack on Titan finale shows the world’s future long after their battle with Eren was resolved. The mid-credits scene portrayed Mikasa’s funeral, as the soldier had lived a long life and had passed of old age. We also see a young explorer stumble upon the tree which gave Ymir her powers after several years. It would seem that the cycle is set to continue. 

The post-credit scene does create an opening for a sequel to happen, but the Mangaka of Attack on Titan clearly expresses his intentions. He didn’t have any plans to continue the story. The creator seemed quite adamant that he wouldn’t be creating any sort of sequel any time soon. However, a new short story will be released next year as a part of an Attack on Titan art book, which will most likely be focused on Levi Ackerman.

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